fussy eaters

You can spend hours cooking a meal for your kids and they barely eat anything.

Feeding toddlers can be VERY frustrating.

In my journey to make my toddler eat I tried bribing, negotiating, I made him sit on the chair until he had at least one bite, I offered him dessert even if he didn’t eat anything.
I also tried to allow him to watch TV during meals times, I tried running after him with the plate begging for one more bite, I tried not to get angry.

I got angry.

I tried to calm myself down.

I stuffed my face with sweets out of frustration. (Ok… this is an excuse, and I regret nothing!)

I felt like this is a lost case.

The trouble was that he would just refuse the food. There could be shouting, screaming and lots of crying despite my best attempts. He felt that I was pressurising him and was getting even more frustrated.

He would only eat plain foods- bagels, pasta, chicken nuggets…I thought to myself if he eats pasta with ketchup, at least there is something going in.
I took wrong advice from people. I listened to them, and I carried on offering my toddler a bad diet.
While I was cooking lovely family dinners for us, he was getting whatever he wanted, and I felt that at least this way, everyone is happy.

I gave in, and that was simply wrong. I was creating a habit which would be tough to break later on.

Children like familiar foods

If you keep offering the same thing that you know that they will eat over and over again that is the only thing that they will want and they will become reluctant in trying anything else.

Introducing new foods takes time and patience. I started by offering him a variety of dishes that I hoped he would be interested in and I am glad I did.

Now I just prepare one main dinner for all the family, and he can pick and eat what he likes from the plate, this makes him feel more in control too. If you have problems making your little one eat in my article,  turn your picky eater around once and for all I share tips and ideas for encouraging good behaviour at the table. It might just be the solution you are searching for.

These are the meals we’ve been enjoying lately.


1. Steamed rice with vegetables and mince pork pattie.
I made the rice from a frozen package and microwaved it for 4 minutes. The ingredients are clean and are ideal for a quick meal. For the mince pork patties, I used this recipe and flattened them into patties.individual1


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