It’s still fresh in my mind when I was always on the phone with the health visitor telling her that my kid barely eats anything! It was about a year and a half ago when it all started, and I didn’t know what hit me. When did he become this fussy, picky eater? Surely it didn’t happen overnight, but it slowly merged and became one.

As a baby, he was a healthy eater, even when we introduced solids he took quite good on them at six months. He would eat all that bland food without sugar or salt and be happy. We did the baby led weaning as well as feeling him with the spoon the purees that I was doing at home, then something changed, he was not enjoying it anymore.

That was alright for me as I was expecting him to grow up and to start to introduce salt and sugar and more tasty foods, but he was becoming more and more picky about what he would eat that it slowly resulted in pasta and potatoes mainly.

That started to get me concerned, and from there it only went worst.

I just want to highlight that if you are going through once of these phases with your little one, and it’s not illness related, it’s ok, he’ll be fine!

The worst thing you can do is worry and let bad thought take over.

The more you will get concerned and start offering them choices of different foods, rewarming it and giving it a lot of attention the more of a problem will become.

For us, there were days when he would barely eat anything and days when he would eat ok….ish. He dropped in weight from being in the 50% to being in the 25% without losing massive amounts of weight but just not putting enough weight on. And that’s ok! I learned that is ok and he is the same energetic, wild little boy and shows no signs of slowing down, looking pale or sick or anything.

He dropped in the weight percentile from being in the 50% to 25% without losing weight,  just not putting enough on.

And that’s ok!

He is the same energetic, wild little boy and shows no signs of slowing down, looking pale, sick or lethargic.

I always thought that I am not a fussy eater myself, but that is because I would buy only that foods that I like and I would cook whatever sounds good to me.

A couple of things that worked for us were:

Sending him to the nursery where he can have meals with other children.  This really introduced him to a new environment; he saw that other all the kids would just eat the food that is offered motivated him.

I was expecting him to eat more than he wants or needs. If he wasn’t eating enough for lunch I would compensate it with snacks, but that would fill him up and he wouldn’t be hungry for the next meal.

I asked him to help me in the kitchen. I have him the opportunity to chop soft vegetables with his toy knife and serve them in his plate. This really was a game changer as he felt in control that he could choose what he will eat.

I allowed him to choose when he want to eat rather than impose it on him. For example he would always eat a good amount of porridge in the morning and I thought that he should be hungry by 12 before he goes to sleep for his nap but he wasn’t. Now I know that when he wakes up at 2pm he would be hungry for lunch and that’s when he can have it.

I stopped giving him snacks at random times. I also made sure that he gets a good stretch without food between main meals and it did pay off! He would be hungry and enjoying the food more without carrying so much what is on his plate.

Check out some of the meals and snacks that he enjoys here.

I really hope that some of these suggestions will come in handy when dealing with your picky eater, but don’t forget the most important thing is that you remain calm and don’t take it as a personal attack or that he doesn’t actually like your food. This phases are very common in toddler years and can be quite draining, but most of the times, these problems sort out by themselves. Lower your expectations and adapt them to your circumstances and don’t compare your kid with other kids.

I would love to know about your journey and if you have any good tips that worked for you and your little one. Share them in the comments below so we can all learn.

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