There are a lot of reasons why I like cloth menstrual pads. The natural feel of the cotton, the idea that I don’t load the landfilled with more rubbish but also the pretty patterns! I like them so much that I decided one day to try to make my own. I didn’t want to buy some pre-made ones as I didn’t even know what exactly I need. So one day, I went to a fabric shop and I grabbed a couple of materials which I though will be good for this project.

I started to make some patterns and I quickly figured out what works best. Long story short, now I started to sell them on Ebay and people buy them! They left me so much positive feedback that I decided to share my tips. One nice feature is that I created the listing so people can customise their pads depending on how trim they want it, if they want extra PUL protection, colour and pattern of the fabric as well as the length (panty, regular, night). Like this everybody can choose based on their needs and budget as one size doesn’t fit everybody.

Today I will take you step by step to see how easy it is to make these pads, so you won’t need to spend a lot of money to buy them as it can be a bit of investment in the beginning.

So let’s see what you will need for this.

cloth menstrual pads2

First, you need to decide which one you want to sew and download the right pattern. This tutorial will work for all of them. You can print all patterns on A4 paper.

Now will start by showing you how to make a panty liner.

Start by printing your “pad” pattern and cut around the dotted line.

Take the cotton fabric, trace it with a pen and cut it to the size of the pattern.

cloth menstrual pads1

Now take your fleece and cut it just a bit bigger than your pattern, you don’t need to be precise at this point.

cloth menstrual pads3

Start sewing the two fabrics with the good side in leaving a gap (about 3-4 cm) to turn it inside out after.

cloth menstrual pads4

Take the scissors and trim around the edges.

cloth menstrual pads5

We will do the inserts now. Take your absorbent fabric of your choice and draw the “insert” pattern.

Depending on the number of layers you wish to use fold in the fabric. If using a serger we will trim the fabric at that point, if not you can trim it now.

cloth menstrual pads6

If using PUL do the same and cut it to size.

cloth menstrual pads7

Stich the layers of absorbent fabrics together and give the absorbent fabric and PUL a quick sew just to secure them in place.

cloth menstrual pads8

It will be looking something like this.

cloth menstrual pads9

Now sew to make a straight line in the middle where you inserted the absorbent layers with the PUL leaving 1-2cm at the top and bottom of the fabric.

Sew the gap to close the pad and also go around the edge of the pad and trim the threads.

cloth menstrual pads10Now we need to add the snaps. Make two holes at each end of the pad where you want your snaps to go.

cloth menstrual pads11

Now add your snaps. You will need a snap hand tool.

cloth menstrual pads12

And you are done! You can use the same method to make your regular or night pads.

cloth menstrual pads13

You see? It is easy. It might take some trial and error but I’m sure in the end will look great. You can make a couple with less absorbent layers, some without PUL and see which ones work best for you.

Make Your Own

If you have any questions I would love to read them.

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