HOW TO BEAT THE STAY-AT-HOME MUM BLUES TODAY . Click through to read or pin now for later. Find more at https://www.welliesandlemonade.comBeing a stay at home mom is rewarding in so many ways but the days can be long and your demanding toddler wants only a one to one interaction. 

From my whole staying at home experience, I think the most difficult thing was finding a balance between being at home, doing all the chores, while spending valuable time with my child and having some adult time. I still need to dress nice, put on makeup and keep an adult conversation for longer than… 3 minutes, uninterrupted and without forgetting what I wanted to say.

Here is where playgroups are life changing.

There are playgroups run by children centers, and playgroups run in the communities by mothers like you and me.

The community ones are full of friendly people and seem that is so much easier to connect with people and develop relationships while having a snack and a cuppa. Children can have snacks (for which we pay, of course) and enjoy some free time while they run around. Also by offering them snacks they can experience eating together, sitting down together at the table, which will come in handy for when they’ll be ready for preschool.

I know, you might think I don’t get anything done around the house if most of our mornings are busy with playgroups but in fact, I do, more than if I would stay at home that morning. When we get back after playgroup, usually around 12pm my toddler is so tired that goes straight to bed for 2 hours and that’s when everything gets done, even more, I have time for myself.

I found that if we stay at home, by lunch he is not tired enough to go down for two hours. Sometimes we can choose to go to the park instead of the playgroup if it is good weather, but, it’s the UK here, not California, today, end of April snowed, and yesterday I had my summer shoes on, sunny all day.

These playgroups are equally beneficial for me as they are for my little one. Having chats with the other moms, sharing ideas household or children related, relationships, anything really as those people are in a similar stage of their life and they probably been through what you experience now and can offer a good advice.

When my child was young, I was always thinking “is this normal?” I didn’t know if it’s normal to cry so much from nothing, or I believed that he is crying too much comparing with my expectations, and now I am asking myself “Why he suddenly became such a fussy eater when he hit 2 years”.

Talking with a friend who’s toddler doesn’t eat anything without ketchup or anything that contains vegetables or sharing the plate with one, can take you out of your misery and assure you that it is just a phase.

For my child the benefits are endless. All that creative, messy play, all the crafts, painting, exploring, running, skipping, role-playing, problem-solving, laughing, building, learning, feeling all these new experiences altogether shaped him and made him the confident little boy he is now.   

They also get the social interaction, they learn how to behave around other children, what’s acceptable and what’s not in a group, also being comfortable with other adults that are not family members.

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