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Today it’s printable day and it’s all about mealtime, organising your recipes, and creating a meal plan and a shopping list so you can stay organised and on budget.

As a busy mama, I noticed that I was starting to drop the ball with meal times (especially dinners, when we use to have a more filling meal and most of the time something nicer than just a sandwich and omelette). Whenever my son is napping or in preschool I try to focus on working to maximise the time that I have, and then when I need to go and pick him up from preschool I start to think “What are we going to have for dinner?”  Either I don’t have anything defrosted, or I’m missing some key ingredients.

So I decided to put together and start using this meal planner and dinner time was a total transformation. I went from doing a bit of shopping every day and losing count of the money that I was spending to doing a big shop once a week (with the right recipes in my mind) and just going one more time during the week for milk or other fresh ingredients.

Now, with this planner, I print the pages on A4 paper, punch a few holes, and add them to my binder – and I’m set for the week.

The way I do it is by starting to decide what meals I want to prepare and to find some good recipes. If I find something online I will jot it down on a recipe card, or if I have something in mind I just write the dish name right on my meal planner. You can cut these pages in half, print as many as you need, and add them to your binder. You can also print them on cardboard so that they are a bit sturdier.

Now that I know what I will be cooking all week long I organise it by days. Some days are busier than others so I plan easier meals. Also, we eat out on some weekends.

After that I take my shopping list and I write down what I need in categories to make sure that I don’t forget anything, and I TRY to keep to the list as much as possible while shopping.

So there you have it, an insight into my meal prep for the week and some gorgeous free printables to hopefully get you more organised.

Have a wonderful week!

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