I am so excited about this post because it’s all about flowers, felt, and sewing, my three favourite things! Today I will be sharing how to make this super easy and very very cute felt flower headband with you. This is an ideal gift for a little girl, or even a craft to do for your child on a relaxing afternoon.

To put together this headband you will need some scraps of felt of different colours, embroidery thread (colour of your choice), needle, scissors, the printed template, elastic, and optional buttons, beads or whatever decorations you want to add.

We will start by printing out the template (and I have included different flowers so you can make your own variations and choose what you like best!). Cut the felt from different colours and arrange the flowers on top of each other as you go along, so that you can see how you like them best.

I used only two strands of embroidery thread as I found that six strands make the stitch too thick for such small flowers, and made a cross to secure all three pieces together.

Put all your flowers next to each other and space them however you like. Cut about 3cm width and whatever length you need of felt and attach the flowers to it. Leave some space on both sides, so that we can secure the elastic to it.

Measure the elastic and see how much you need depending the age of the child, and stitch the felt band with the flowers to it.


Now you have made a beautiful and unique headband. Be proud of what you created! If you choose to make one, make sure to email me with a picture – I would love to see all your creations.

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