I love organising spaces.

It is something about the feeling when everything has a place and when you are done using it can go somewhere where you can find it later.

I am glad that my toddler is slowly learning how to tidy up after himself which saves me time with the cleaning up but also teaches him a great skill for the future to come.

When he was younger, I was always a bit apprehensive about buying craft supplies – he would just open everything and not play with anything, his attention would jump from one thing to another, and we wouldn’t manage to do any crafts – it was more a sensory activity for him.

collage1To display his work, I pinned to the wall a piece of twine and hanged his masterpiece with mini pegs; I think it looks so cute!

I love that glue and other small craft items are in different bins, this way everything has a place and is easy to find.

The table and chair, paper roll and all the bins and pots are purchased from IKEA and they were very affordable. I had a budget in mind that I was willing to spend for this craft area and came under so good! All the other things like playdough and books he got them for his birthday and the art supplies were mostly from the Poundland (dollar tree shops)so everything was done on a mini budget under £40.

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diy craft corner

What’s your favorite tip for keeping kids’ craft supplies organised? Would love to know!

One more thing

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