Inside: It’s not easy to follow a budget, especially if you are like me, you don’t even have one. Here is one simple thing that will change the way you spend money.

The truth is, I like to be spontaneous.

I love to go for picnics without making sandwiches at home, I love to take my kids out, but I’m not organized enough make the meals ahead of time so that we have food when we come back. There are times when I buy foods “to give them a try” and that again, goes to waste easily. Sometimes I am simply too optimistic about the amount that my children would eat, and I add more to their plates.

I like to be relaxed.

I can’t get enough time on my hands to plan my meals, and that spirals into unplanned eating out.

But that was history.

Now, Oh yes, I became organized.

There was pain, there was suffering, and there was lots of complaining from my side directed to my husband.

I felt that I don’t get a chance to have a break.

I screamed that I’m taking care of these kids and working at the same time and I can’t even go for a meal out?

I let it all out in my husbands face one day when he arrived from work before even taking his shoes off. I went to him, hair messy, baby on the hip, spit up on the shirt and told him:

“I want to be more intentional about our finances.”

Confused he asked: ” What does that even means?”

“I want to feel that we have money at the end of the month.”

The truth is… if there were any money left at the end of the month we would go and blow it all off on essentials. Clothes for kids, highlights for my hair, new shoes and of course the most essentials of all, new decorations for the house. From a new canvas for the wall to different jars to add the rice and the pasta, I needed them all. I mean, it important to keep a tidy pantry and with it comes the price tag.


I realized that the biggest problem was the card.

This piece of plastic was so easy to use, the contactless part making it almost irresistible. I didn’t have the discipline to understand how much it accumulates by the end of the month so I started writing it down.

From a new bicycle for my son to a scooter to my other child to a new toy because they are bored of their old ones to a new kettle because the old one looked a bit beaten down the costs built up.


If you know what your main weakness is, confront it. If you think that you are doing everything right, you are careful with money, try asking your partner, you’ll be surprised at the different ways we waste money without even noticing.

To get you started, I’m attaching the exact printable I am using.

Financial Planner- The complete planner to get out of debt. organized your finances and create a budget

[convertkit form=5045324]

Jot down te date, the item that you purchased and the balance in your account. At first, I must admit, it felt naive. Who am I fooling? Keeping track of this on the paper? But hey, I had to start somewhere. I use my planner every day, would be lost without it, so I designed my own printable to try to break this cycle.

Sleek, chic perfect for a six ring binder.

By writing down what you spend you get a clearer vision of where your money is leaking. When you look back at the paper, you’ll realize that you could’ve made it quite happily without some of the items.

That was the first month. I’ll call it the feeling guilty month.

For the second month, I decided to have a different approach.

I sat down, and I checked with my husband the significant expenses that we have for this month. We wrote down everything that we could think of, and we discussed it. It took us about ten minutes, and we decided on what’s priority and what we get away without.

This second month. I’ll call the intentional month.

Now I am getting better at it. When I have an idea of an expensive item that I want I would put it on my handy list and at the beginning of each month when we make the budget we check the list and see what we can include.

I think it’s fair, it improved my communication with my husband, and it taught me some self-discipline.


What do you say?

Is it worth taking the time to write down the significant expenses if it contributes to improving your finances?

This printable is from my Ultimate Budgeting and Finance Planner

Inside: money challenges, monitor your monthly bills, create a budget, quotes keep you motivated, create new savings and get out of debt.

  • money challenges monitor
  • your monthly bills
  • create a budget quotes keep you motivated
  • set up new savings
  • get out of debt.
  • quotes keep you motivated


This planner contains all the essential printables to get your finances organized. From planning your budget to clearing your debt using a snowball system, this planner has been carefully designed to help you manage your bills and keep your accounts in order.

Give it a try.

Might just be the thing you were looking for.

Until next time,

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