In my previous article a week worth of fussy eater toddler meal ideas, I shared with you dishes that my fussy eater enjoyed. Even if he ate the majority of what I offered him in the plate, there were still items that he totally dismissed.

I believe that even if we know that certain foods won’t get eaten is still a good idea to offer them. They will learn to get used to them on the plate rather and eventually they’ll get more adventurous.

If you have problems with making your little one eat in my article,  turn your picky eater around once and for all I share tips and ideas for encouraging good behaviour at the table. It might just be the solution you are searching for.

Now let’s get back to the dishes that my fussy eater has been enjoying lately:

1. Mash potato with sausage, gravy, and steamed carrots.

The gravy is from a package; we love this one.

The sausages were grilled, and the boiled carrots.. well those ones were for decoration only.


2. Grilled halloumi cheese with oven baked sweet potato and homemade ketchup.

Halloumi cheese is easy to grill, and these sweet potato chips are easy, healthy and delicious.


3. Pasta with parmesan cheese and roasted vegetables. 

For this dish, I used a pack of frozen roasted vegetables to make it a bit easier for myself, but you can use a recipe like this one if you prefer to do it from scratch.


4. Risotto with parmesan cheese, sausage and vegetables. 

For best results use arborio rice. In this dish, I used the veggies that I know my toddler would eat ( you can customise it based on your little one’s preference) mixed in a basic risotto.


5. Mash Potato with steak, sweet corn, and cranberry sauce.

Sweetcorn is a great vegetable for picky eaters. It’s delicious and full of fibre. If you don’t have cranberry sauce, you can replace it with ketchup if your little one likes to dip foods in.


6. Potato and bacon stew with oven fresh oven baked baguette

Stews are a great way to provide a healthy and nutritious meal full of veggies. The baked baguette worked very well with the dish. I t was warm and straight from the oven.


7. Rice and baked salmon.

Salmon is an excellent source of vitamin B12; vitamin D. Pair it with some steamed plain rice and vegetables of your choice.

fussy eater meal ideas

8. Black beans, grilled pork chops and mash.

Did you know that black beans are a excellent source of folate and dietary fibre? Never cooked grilled pork chops? Here is a recipe to get you started.

fussy eater meal ideas

9. Couscous, black beans and chickpea tomato sauce.

I must admit this recipe was a combination of what I had in the pantry and the fridge. Once per week, we make a dish with all the little bits and bobs that we have left before we run to the supermarket.
fussy eater meal ideas

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