Since I started blogging, I’ve been focusing on creating the most productive routine I’ve ever had. Before, I felt that it was alright to stay extra time in bed and take my day as it comes but as my ambitions grew I realised that something had to give.

Running a blog, having a toddler at home all day, being 38 weeks pregnant and still being a stay at home mum, which means all the house to clean, cooking, food shopping… definitively became challenging as I found myself trying to juggle everything and not achieving much at all.
I felt the need to be busy; I knew that I needed something to keep me motivated to want to do more.


I loved being a stay at home mum, but I felt that my life was a bit flat, days were long and just lounging around the house started to make me lethargic.

So I wanted to share with you what I started doing and how this was a total game changer for me and maybe you can get some ideas if you struggle with time.

I started time blocking.

Time blocking is when you take a to-do list and break it down into tasks and assign them to a specific time of a day. This will help when you feel overwhelmed just to say; I will wash the dishes in this time slot, or I will do the food shopping at that time rather than try to go with the flow, start things and don’t get them fully completed. In this way, you get a clear vision of what needs doing and when you will get it done.

You see, I love planning, but sometimes I can get scatterbrained and tend to remember that I have something to do, drop whatever I was doing and start a new task.

As my ideas were coming, I began to write them down and carried on with the work that I was on. This way, I gave full focus to whatever I was doing and getting the best of the limited time that I had.

I stopped stressing out.

Every morning when I would wake up, my brain was getting into “let’s do it all in one go” mood. I wanted to fly through the tasks, but my toddler wasn’t interested in this. He wanted me to play with him or just give him attention and he started to be quite irritating, and I was getting annoyed with him, thinking why can’t he play for a moment alone.

I realised that if I give him the time that he needs, we start a game, encourage him to play by himself, I would be able to empty the dishwasher without meltdowns and maybe even have a cup of tea!

I started using a planner.

You see, when you have multiple to-do lists and reminders without a system in place it is difficult to be consistent. I was using my phone for my appointments, to-do lists as my ideas were coming, and grocery list on the fridge. If ideas were coming I was creating another list; then I would lose it!

I cannot emphasise enough about the importance of having one good system in place.

And that’s what I did.

I spent 10 minutes at the end of the week and marked all the tasks, appointments, playgroups, phone calls that I need to make for the next week and then just come back to it and jot down subtasks as they come.

It worked!

It took so much pressure away, made my days structured, and it gave me focus. My days never go the  way I plan them and that’s ok but at least it helped me stay on top of the tasks

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